#HighRiskCovid19: Online campaign urges social distancing respect

People on social media share their stories to stress the importance of keeping distance for the most vulnerable.

coronavirus restrictions
People in quarantine in Italy have to respect strict measures, including keeping a one-metre distance from each other [Alessandra Tarantino/AP Photo]

The new coronavirus makes no exceptions. From the evidence so far, it can be transmitted in all areas and infect people of all ages.

But there are some who are more at risk than others.

While 80 percent of patients experience mild illness, the World Health Organization (WHO) says older people, whose immune defences have declined with age, appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill after contracting the virus, which causes a highly infectious respiratory disease officially known as COVID-19.

Similarly, those with underlying health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease have a higher risk of infection.

In recent days, as country after country has stepped up containment efforts by imposing sweeping movement restrictions, people at a higher risk of COVID-19 have been sharing their stories online to underline the importance of social distancing.

Using the trending #HighRiskCovid19 hashtag, they are urging others to abide by the measures to avoid overwhelming healthcare systems and save lives.

Here are some of the messages posted on social media:

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Source: Al Jazeera