Swedish pair to blame for Denmark tax agency blast, police say

Police arrest 22-year-old Swede, issue international arrest warrant for 23-year-old suspect at large, also from Sweden.

Copenhagen tax office - reuters
The Tax Authority building was badly damaged, but no one was seriously hurt in the explosion [Olafur Steinar Rye Gestsson/Ritzau Scanpix/Reuters]

Danish police have said two Swedes were suspected of being behind a powerful blast that last week hit the headquarters of Denmark‘s tax agency.

A 22-year-old was arrested in Sweden on Tuesday, Copenhagen police told a news conference on Wednesday, while a second suspect, aged 23, was still at large. An international arrest warrant has been issued for the second suspect.

“We have raided several addresses in Sweden. We’ve seized the car we believe was used by the perpetrators,” Jorgen Bergen Skov, chief inspector, said.

The August 6 blast smashed windows and tore apart the front of the building in the Osterbro neighbourhood of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

One person was hit by flying fragments and sought treatment at a hospital. Two people were inside the agency at the time of the explosion but escaped unharmed.

Police said analysis showed industrial explosives were used in the blast.

Three days later, another explosion rocked a police station in the nearby Norrebro neighbourhood, also causing damage to the building’s exterior but no injuries were reported.

However, “there is nothing that indicates that” the two blasts were linked, Skov told reporters.

Source: News Agencies