Tropical disturbance brings flooding rains to southeast Africa

At least six dead in Malawi because of ongoing heavy rain, say the local media reports.

Malawi Mozambique map

A tropical disturbance that formed over the Mozambique Channel earlier this week has moved inland over Mozambique and brought days of heavy rain to neighbouring Malawi as well.

While the area of low pressure did not intensify, it continued to spread heavy rain across much of the already saturated regions of central Mozambique and southern Malawi.

News reports from Chikwaw, Malawi confirmed at least 6 deaths due to floods, mostly near swollen rivers. Police have urged the public not to cross rivers until they have receded.

Southern Zambia also saw some relief from the rain as the disturbance helped break the ongoing dry spell.

The forecast for the next several days says the storm will track east over the Mozambique Channel and will rapidly intensify.

The development of the storm will mostly be encouraged by the warm waters now running between 28-29 degrees Celsius.

Once it develops over the warmer water of the Mozambique Channel, the storm is expected to begin making a turn to the south, staying over open water.

Northwestern Madagascar could then see up to 300mm of rain by Sunday.

If the storm continues to strengthen over the Mozambique Channel next week, forecasts suggest there could be a second landfall in southern Mozambique.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies