UK’s Labour Party will examine proposal to ban private jets

New reports makes ‘very convincing argument’, says Labour transport spokesman.

private jet - reuters
Taking off: The inside of a luxury Jetstar private jet, built in the seventies, which is now being used as a holiday home in west Wales [Rebecca Naden/Reuters]

The United Kingdom‘s opposition Labour Party said on Monday it would examine closely a proposal to ban private jets and consult with the industry about a phase-out date for the use of fossil-fuel private planes.

Andy McDonald, the opposition spokesman for the transport sector, said a report from the Common Wealth think-tank proposing a ban on private jets made a “very convincing argument”.

“Why is the government enabling billionaires to trash the climate when it’s the rest of us who will suffer the consequences?” he said in a statement.

“In just a few years’ time, it will be possible for these journeys to be made by electric aircraft – so long as [the] government puts in place the right incentives. Labour will examine these proposals closely and consult with industry on the introduction of a phase-out date for the use of fossil fuel private jets.”

Source: Reuters