Death toll in Denmark train accident rises to eight

Two more bodies have been found following accident that occurred in morning rush hour traffic on the Great Belt Bridge.

Train accident on the Great Belt Bridge
Sixteen others were hurt in the incident, but none of them suffered life-threatening injuries [Reuters]

The death toll from a train accident in Denmark has risen to eight, after two more bodies have been found in the wreckage on a Danish bridge, police said.

“Police have now examined the train and found two more deceased,” police said in a statement on Thursday.

Five women and three men were killed in the accident, which occurred during Wednesday morning’s rush hour traffic on the Great Belt Bridge linking the islands of Zealand, where the capital Copenhagen is located, and Funen.    

Sixteen others were hurt, but none of them suffered life-threatening injuries.

Investigators said the passenger train appeared to have struck an empty truck trailer that had blown off a cargo train travelling in the opposite direction on a different track.    

Debris could be seen lying across the front of the passenger train following Denmark’s deadliest train accident in 30 years.

‘Extensive damage’

Police said the latest bodies were only found after the wreckage was pulled away from the crash site to a remote area near the town of Nyborg on Funen Island.

They said the damage “was so extensive it was hard to properly get into the most damaged area” while the train was still on the bridge, but added that they are certain no more bodies are inside the train.


Divers also searched the seabed under the bridge overnight, looking for train wreckage and more clues to explain the deadly accident.

Aerial TV footage and photos showed the front side of the passenger train ripped open. One container seemed to be missing from a flat wagon on the cargo train. Crates of beer were on the freight train and a tarpaulin on top was torn into pieces.

Source: News Agencies