Cher to bin Salman: Free Prince Turki

The American singer addressed the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a tweet asking for Prince Turki’s release.

American pop legend Cher
American pop legend Cher, shown here in January, has tweeted her support for a jailed Saudi Arabian royal [Photo/Sam Morris/AFP]

American pop singer, Cher, has tweeted her support for a jailed Saudi Arabian royal, appealing to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to “be kind … and let him go”.

Cher tweeted on March 30 that her son, Elijah, was “heartbroken” – using the broken heart emoji – over the fate of his “good friend Prince Turki bin Abdullah”.

In the tweet, Cher asked bin Salman, currently on a US tour, to “be kind 2 Turki and let him go free,” adding “INSHALLAH” at the end, an Arabic word for “God willing”.

Prince Turki

Prince Turki was among more than 380 royals and businessmen rounded up in November in what authorities said was a crackdown on corruption.

A son of the late King Abdullah, the prince was once the governor of the Saudi capital Riyadh. He was one of the most prominent detainees to be held at the infamous Ritz-Carlton.

Prince Turki’s top aide, Major General Ali al-Qahtani, was also arrested in the corruption probe and, according to a New York Times investigation, died while in custody with his body showing signs of torture.

Critics say the crackdown, spearheaded by the powerful bin Salman, is aimed at consolidating the 32-year-old’s grip on power before he succeeds his father as king of the world’s largest oil exporter.

Officials have not made public the charges against suspects held at the Ritz-Carlton.

Saudi Arabia’s attorney general has said the state recovered $107bn in settlements, including property, securities and cash.

Saudi authorities said in January the bulk of the detainees, including those who agreed to settle, have been released.

Source: AFP