Saudi Twitter users welcome sight of Qatari flags in Dammam

The eastern city of Dammam is due to host the Arab League summit on April 15.

Saudis Twitter users welcome sight of Qatari flags in eastern city of Dammam
The hashtag #SaudiandQatarareOne went viral on Twitter as users flooded the social network [Al Jazeera]

Twitter users across Saudi Arabia have welcomed a decision to hoist Qatari flags in public in advance of the Arab League summit, saying they hoped it could serve as a starting point for a return to “brotherly relations” between the two neighbours.

Dozens of Qatari flags were raised on lamp posts in the eastern city of Dammam on Thursday, which is due to host the summit on April 15.

Doha has not yet decided on its representation level at the summit.

Last summer, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain collectively severed ties with Qatar, creating one of the biggest crises in inter-Arab relations in recent history.

The four nations accuse Doha of supporting “terrorism”, a claim vehemently denied by Qatar.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the emir of Qatar, has repeatedly said he is ready for talks with the quartet, but has refused to give up his country’s sovereignty.

Thousands of social media users took to Twitter to support the developments in Dammam, with the Arabic hashtag #SaudiandQatarAreOne being the number-one trending topic in the eastern province city.

Here’s how some users responded:

Twitter user Boozamal wrote:

Translation: #SaudiandQatarAreOne. No doubt about it. And the evidence is that we are happy to see the flag of Qatar waving in Saudi.

Saudi Twitter user @ii6vu wrote:

Translation: #SaudiandQatarAreOne. Our friends, wise people of Qatar, we are your brothers as a nation and leadership.

Twitter user Muhammad al-Hussaini wrote:

Translation: #SaudiandQatarAreOne. May Allah reunite us.

Twitter user Basasaam, from Qasim in Buraydah, wrote:

Translation: This hashtag is for the people, those who have dirty policies can stand aside #SaudiandQatarAreOne.^tfw

Mazaji Heel wrote:

Translation: #SaudiandQatarAreOne – This is the best hashtag of 2018.

Meanwhile, Egyptian journalist Samy Kamal Eddeen wrote:

Translation: We wish from God that Qatar and Saudi Arabia will return to a state of love, harmony and unity which will put an end to bickering and hatred.

Social media users in Qatar also welcomed the news, with Abdulaziz Ale Ishaq writing:

Translation: The people of the Gulf are one … And the people of the Gulf will not be separated by anyone.

Meanwhile, Amal Abdulmalik wrote:

Translation: I hope this hashtag is the beginning of the end of electronic attacks and bots against Qatar, its emir, and people. We pray to God to protect us from apparent and hidden evils.

Slogans in support of Qatar have been among the top topics discussed on Twitter in Arabic, which is a hugely popular medium of expression in the Arab world.

Source: Al Jazeera