Morsi’s son: Egypt fears British visit to my father

Morsi’s son says the Egyptian regime is afraid of his father meeting members of UK Parliament.

Abdullah Morsi
Abdullah Morsi [Al Jazeera]

Abdullah Morsi, the son of the former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has said that the Egyptian government will not allow the outside world reach his father for fear of being exposed. 

Earlier this month, a group of senior British MPs, ranging from the governing Conservatives to the opposition Labour and Liberal Democrats, petitioned the Egyptian government to allow them access to former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, but they were denied. 

The petition came amid growing concern over the deteriorating health of the former president and reports emerged that he has been denied access to basic medical treatment while in jail.  

British delegation

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Abdullah Morsi said that the Egyptian authorities are directly responsible for the inhumane condition in which his father is subjected to and that they are worried that this would be revealed if Morsi was to receive visitors. 

Abdullah said that “logic and reason dictate that the regime should allow the British delegation to do its work if it is serious in refuting the accusations made against it, but the regime fears of being exposed in front of the world, that is why it looks for justifications.”

Morsi’s son explained that the British Parliamentary delegation was formed and tasked to investigate and document human rights violations perpetrated against his father, with the aim to “rescue the president and end the complete isolation he is living in”.

Source: Al Jazeera