Can Syria protect the Kurds?

Abandoned by the US and threatened by Turkey, the Kurds turn to Bashar al-Assad for protection.


    The northern city of Manbij is one of the last remaining flashpoints in Syria's war

    And yet another example of the complicated Syrian jigsaw puzzle. It was under the control of Kurdish forces, but Syria says its army is now in the city for the first time in six years at the invitation of the Kurds.

    The US-backed Kurdish YPG group - considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey - fears an all-out offensive on Manbij by Turkish forces. The threat level was heightened when President Trump announced he was pulling all American troops out of Syria.

    A high-level meeting has taken place between Turkey's defence and foreign ministers with Russian officials in Moscow, with the countries agreeing to coordinate on fighting what they call terrorism in Syria.

    So, what changes will we see in the dynamics of the near eight-year-long war?

    Presenter: Richelle Carey


    Mehmet Celik - Managing editor of Daily Sabah Newspaper.

    Dmitri Babich - Political analyst at the Voice of Russia.

    Elias Farhat - Retired Lebanese army general and strategic analyst.


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