Migrant caravan: Many migrants are becoming sick

Thousands of tired Central Americans in a migrant caravan aiming to reach the United States had their visions of quick transport hundreds of miles ahead to Mexico City dashed Wednesday as dozens of hoped-for buses failed to materialize.


    According to reports, there are four different caravans travelling through Mexico with up to 6,000 people.

    The Central American migrant seeks US resident status largely under the auspices of economic asylum.

    The trek has left children dehydrated, faint and sick, according to advocates and paediatricians. The group is so exhausted that on Wednesday they paused for the day in in southern Mexico, to rest and in hopes that buses would take them to Mexico City.

    Aljazeera's John Holman joined a family of four as they travel through Mexico to the US We look at the challenges they face as continue on their journey.


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