Keeping hopes alive: Yemeni children visit amusement park

With many children unable to go to school due to war, social workers bring some cheer to their face.


    Even as Yemen continues to crumble from the ongoing war, it's not all so dark and bleak. At least that's what some social workers have been trying - giving hope to the school deprived children.

    Save the Children organised a visit of a group of children to an amusement park in the capital Sanaa to let them enjoy and forget their day-to-day struggles for some time.

    According to the United Nations, almost 80 percent of Yemen's population is in dire need of humanitarian aid. More than 300,000 children are malnourished. Health services are crumbling and many children don't get to go to school.

    Al Jazeera's Mohammed Adow reports from neighbouring Djibouti.


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