France hopes Ryder Cup will invigorate nation's interest in golf

France counts down to the start of the Ryder Cup, but is the public enthusiastic about golf's biggest team tournament?


    The best 12 golfers from the United States against the best 12 from Europe - the Ryder Cup can be a pretty big deal.

    But generally not in France, where the tournament is being hosted this year.

    Although France does boast that it is the only country in Europe to have increased the number of young golfers, it still struggles to break the image of an elitist sport.

    This year's Ryder Cup will not feature a French national to draw the support of local crowds, but the return of Tiger Woods to the tournament links may generate some of the buzz that the tournament organisers are seeking.

    Al Jazeera's Lee Wellings reports from Le Golf National, Paris.


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