UN: All-out war narrowly avoided after Israel-Hamas ceasefire | News | Al Jazeera

UN: All-out war narrowly avoided after Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Egyptian-brokered ceasefire appears to be holding after two Palestinians killed in the latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


    The UN's special envoy has said that all-out war was narrowly averted by the Egyptian-broked ceasefire in Gaza.

    Israel bombarded more than forty sites and killed at least two Palestinian teenagers because Hamas, which runs Gaza, has not stopped Palestinians from sending burning kites into Israel to protest against the ongoing siege. The kites and balloons have set fire to hectares of crops, but have not caused any fatalities.

    The ceasefire appeared to be holding, but frustration and anger are mounting as the siege of coastal strip continues.

    Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from Gaza.


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