Iran seeks to secure global trade deals before fresh US sanctions

Tehran tries to get international support as the first wave of sanctions after US withdrawal from the nuclear deal is set to take effect.


    In exactly three weeks time, the first wave of US sanctions against Iran will come into effect after President Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal.

    The new sanctions are likely to have a severe effect on the Iranian economy.

    The Iranian government is trying to secure support from other nations, with mixed results.

    Earlier this month, Iran's president was in Switzerland and Austria to secure trade ties. A senior adviser to the supreme leader was in

    Russia to discuss investing in Iran's oil industry.

    And Iranian envoys were in India and Pakistan this week to reaffirm cooperation.

    Iran also hopes China will continue to be one of its biggest oil buyers, even in the face of American threats.

    Al Jazeera's Zein Basravi reports from Tehran.


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