Western Europe witnesses warm weather

The heat sets in across the UK, the Netherlands, France and the Iberian Peninsula as temperature crosses 30C.

    Parts of Western Europe have been basking in some very warm weather. Temperatures have been up to 10 degrees above average.

    After a slow start to summer, the Spanish capital, Madrid, has seen temperatures crossing 30 degrees Celsius. The last few days have touched 37C compared with a June average of 27C degrees.

    The warm air has extended across much of France and into the United Kingdom. Paris recorded a high of 24C on Monday, which is six degrees above the norm.

    The difference was even more impressive across the Channel. As Britain enjoyed another day of warm weather on Monday, people in London made the most of the heat.

    According to the Met Office temperatures reached 30.1C in southwest London, making it the UK's hottest day of the year so far. The average June temperature is 21C.

    People have been relaxing in the many parks across central London. Meanwhile, in Leicester Square, the water fountains have been offering a pleasant relief from the heat.

    Locals and tourists who missed out on the sunshine should be pleased to know the good weather looks set to continue.

    "The summer hot spell is expected to last throughout this week and into the weekend," said Mark Wilson, meteorologist at the Met Office.

    "What makes this unusual for the UK is the longevity. Often there are a few days of high temperatures but it then turns cooler and more unsettled," Wilson said, adding that in this case the fair weather is expected to last for "at least the next five days.'

    Temperatures may well remain in the mid-20s or higher right into July. That bodes well for the start of Wimbledon, although the occasional shower cannot be ruled out by the time the tennis gets under way on Monday.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies


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