US: Rivers overflow along Eastern Seaboard

A week of thundery downpours swell waterways to bursting point along the Mid-Atlantic States.


    A wet week along the eastern seaboard of the United States has left parts of Maryland and Virginia under flood warnings as swollen rivers threaten to overflow.

    The National Weather Service's Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center still has 23 flood warnings in force. At one stage there were 37 stream and river gauges in the region at risk of moderate to minor flooding, and 26 more are near flood stage.

    Rain has lashed the Washington area for the past 8 days. The Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, recorded 155mm of rain in that time. This is well above May average rainfall of 115.6mm.

    The Potomac River which forms part of the borders between Maryland and Washington, DC, is full to bursting in places. Water levels along the River could still crest at their highest levels in four years by Monday.

    The rain has been even heavier in Virginia. Richmond has had 209mm in the last four days. There was 95mm recorded on Saturday alone. That is just shy of the 95mm average May rainfall.

    The persistent and heaviest thundery downpours are now pulling away into the open waters of the North Atlantic. However, another line of thunderstorms are forecast to cross the area on Monday and Tuesday followed by three fine days and more rain next weekend.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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