US: Dust storms cause road chaos in Nebraska

Visibility reduced to almost zero creates dangerous driving conditions in the Midwest.


    Authorities in eastern Nebraska, United States, say one person has died after a dust storm triggered a 29-vehicle accident along a major highway.

    The Nebraska State Patrol said visibility was reduced to nearly zero on Sunday as dust blew in from farm fields along Interstate 80 near York.

    A cold, dry April had left the soil in the fields incredibly dry. As farmers tilled the soil in preparation for planting, the wind picked up.

    Gusts of over 90km/h kicked the dusty soil into the atmosphere, creating dust storms which greatly reduced visibility.

    The patrol said these conditions caused a chain-reaction crash that injured 15 people, including one person who was flown to hospital in Lincoln.

    A patrol spokesman confirmed later that one of the injured died on Monday.

    The dust storms were blamed for a number of accidents in Nebraska and South Dakota.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies


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