Venezuelan firm offers eggs as 'motivational' bonus

A security firm hopes to recruit more guards by offering 144 eggs alongside a $10 monthly salary amid economic crisis.

    Security personnel in Venezuela are frequently victims of assault [Reuters]
    Security personnel in Venezuela are frequently victims of assault [Reuters]

    A security company in Venezuela has said that it is offering a "motivational" bonus, hoping to recruit more staff members to its team.

    A monthly salary of $10 will be accompanied by a bonus, which will include 144 eggs.

    Atlas Security in Zulia state will give the eggs to those who arrive to work promptly and maintain a professional, presentable appearance.

    The firm's idea to provide those who qualify with a weekly box of 36 eggs stems from the issue of food scarcity. In the crisis-hot economy, these are worth around $2 at the black market rate.

    "Many weren't complying with these basic rules, that's why we've done this," Cindy Fuenmayor, Atlas Security's human resources manager, told Reuters news agency.

    "We've had lots of applications since we published the ad. We're being innovative. It's a good incentive."

    According to Fuenmayor, some 200 positions are available at Atlas, mainly to guard farms.

    Bonuses that include food and transport have become vital for Venezuelans at a time where the country is undergoing hyperinflation.

    The currency has collapsed and the minimum wage at the black market rate amounts to about $1 a month.

    With one the world's highest murder rates, security personnel are usually victims of assault.

    Nicolas Maduro, the country's socialist president, blames these issues on an "economic war" which he believed has been waged by the opposition with the help of the United States.

    Meanwhile, critics say his government has wrecked the economy through incompetence and corruption.

    The Battle for Venezuela

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    The Battle for Venezuela

    SOURCE: Reuters news agency


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