Where are journalists under attack?

From Africa and Asia to Latin America and Europe, reporters are being killed with impunity simply for doing their jobs.

journalism under fire

On January 12, 2016, Saif Talal, a correspondent for the independent Iraqi television channel Al Sharqiya, was returning to Baquba after a reporting trip when gunman stopped the car he was travelling in.

Talal had been covering the aftermath of twin bombings that killed 20 people.

The gunmen forced Talal and his cameraman, Hassan al-Anbaki, from the car and shot them dead.

Talal and al-Anbaki were among the first journalists that year to be killed on the job.

Below is a series of data that maps journalist killings over the past decade.

Over the year, according to figures gathered by UNESCO, at least 100 journalists were killed in 2016 – making it one of the bloodiest years in recent memory.

As World Press Freedom Day approaches on May 3, media workers will remember their fallen colleagues. 

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More often than not, these murders go unsolved because of high rates of impunity.

Al Jazeera, in consultation with UNESCO, is launching Journalism Matters – a space which seeks to address the targeting of journalists and impunity.


You can join the conversation too, using the #WPFD2017 hashtag on social media.

Source: Al Jazeera