Can Cyril Ramaphosa save South Africa's ANC?

Ramaphosa was elected as the new leader of South Africa's ruling ANC party on Monday.

    The new leader of one of Africa's oldest political parties, says he has a new vision for his country.

    Businessman, activist, and politician Cyril Ramaphosa says he will fight corruption with the same intensity as poverty and inequality.

    He was chosen as the new leader of South Africa's ruling ANC party in a bitterly fought campaign on Monday.

    Ramaphosa now wishes to put all that behind and give his party a new direction.

    But his plans to wipe out corruption will likely pit him against President Jacob Zuma's supporters who control the highest decision-making body of the ANC.

    Zuma has faced several serious allegations of corruption, and the ANC has lost support as a result.

    So, can Cyril Ramaphosa save the party of Nelson Mandela?

    Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


    Bongani Mbindwane - ANC Member and National Security Adviser to the police minister in South Africa.

    Grant Masterson - Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy.

    Thembisa Fakude - Al Jazeera Centre for Studies.


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