Yemen blockade: Saudis not allowing vital aid in, officials say

Saudi Arabia claims the blockade is to close down arms smuggling to Houthi rebels, but the UN warns it has cut off essential aid to Yemen, which could face the worst famine in decades.


    Yemeni officials say the Saudi-led coalition has not allowed ships to deliver much-needed aid.

    On Monday, Saudi Arabia said it would start reopening some Yemeni sea and airports.

    It tightened restrictions on the country after Houthi rebels fired a missile at Riyadh 11 days ago.

    But officials at Hudaida port, the main entry point for aid, say it remains shut.

    The UN is calling for a lifting of the blockade, warning that Yemen could suffer the worst famine in decades.


    Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports.


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