In South Africa, Zimbabwe citizens react to crisis at home

Zimbabweans in South Africa react differently to the military's seizure of power from President Robert Mugabe, but most agree that the people - not the military or political elites - should be in charge.


    The political crisis between the Zimbabwe military and President Robert Mugabe has caused a stir among Zimbabweans who have left their country in the past because of political persecution and economic factors, making their way to neighbouring South Africa.

    Some say that they are "tired" of being foreigners and are hopeful that the recent developments mean they can finally go home.

    Others remain sceptical and believe that the crisis will potentially bring new corrupt leaders that will look after the interests of the elite only.

    They hope that power will be transferred to the people so that they, not the military or politicians, can determine their future leaders.

    Al Jazeera's Tania Page reports from Johannesburg, South Africa.


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