Iraq's Christians worry over Iraqi-Kurdish conflict

Caught between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish Peshmerga in northern Iraq, Iraq's Christians worry about the future of their home.


    Many Christians are uncertain about their future in Iraq after government forces, with the help of Shia militia, retook most of the disputed territories in Iraq controlled by the Kurds.

    Kurdish forces had controlled these areas since they pushed ISIL out in 2014. A recent Kurdish referendum on separation from Iraq spurred the central government to military action, and now Christians in Al Qosh aren't sure what the future holds. 

    Al Qosh remains under Kurdish control, but its inhabitants fear the possibility of losing their homeland and are continuing to look for ways to survive between two competing governments.

    Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reports from Al Qosh in the Nineveh plains, northern Iraq.


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