Iran-Iraq quake: 'I am still shaking'

Many in the Iraqi province of Sulaimaniyah are still in shock, saying they're afraid to go back to their homes. They worry that the buildings damaged in Sunday's earthquake will collapse, so they’re sleeping in the open air.


    In Sulaimaniyah, northern Iraq, many say they're afraid to return to their homes.

    The earthquake which hit the border region between Iraq and Iran on Sunday has caused many buildings to collapse and left a lot of people homeless.

    Other buildings are badly damaged and may collapse, so people are scared to go home.

    Instead, they sleep outside in the open air, and humanitarian aid groups are working to distribute enough blankets to keep everyone warm in the rapidly cooling nights.

    A family from Darbandikhan tells their story to Al Jazeera.


    Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu reports from Darbandikhan, Northern Iraq.


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