The Brief: Rohingya drown, FGM, Trump's wall, Raqqa

Raqqa push, more misery as a Rohingya refugee boat capsizes, Trump speeds up immigration plan, and a new film on FGM.

    Correspondent Fatma Naib explores the controversial issue of FGM in a new film [Al Jazeera]
    Correspondent Fatma Naib explores the controversial issue of FGM in a new film [Al Jazeera]

    Here are the stories you shouldn't miss, plus the ones you should keep an eye on for Monday:

    Don't miss:

    • We begin in Asia, where the Rohingya crisis deepens. At least 12 Rohingya refugees, most of them children, have drowned as they attempted to flee danger in Myanmar. Fewer than two weeks back, 23 people drowned on the same route heading towards Bangladesh. Read more here.
    • To the United States, where President Donald Trump has sent Congress his immigration legislation priorities, including building a border wall, rushing deportations boosting the number of police.
    • Did you catch our latest film on FGM, "The Cut"? Correspondent Fatma Naib explores the dangerous and painful practice banned in most countries and asks why it persists around the world.

    Looking ahead:

    • In the Middle East, ISIL fighters are faced with a new offensive in Syria, where US-backed rebels are trying to take Raqqa, the group's final stronghold in the war-torn country. We will have all the latest developments.
    • We are in Liberia where elections are set to take place tomorrow, and will be bringing you more coverage. This handy explainer sets out the key issues.
    • And there are just a few days until US President Trump's October 15 deadline to tell Congress if he believes Iran is complying with the nuclear deal. What does the deal entail? Why is it important? And what's expected? We analyse the agreement.

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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