The Brief: Kenya vote, Afghans mourn, UK hate crime

Turkey and Europe locked in war of words ahead of weekend summit, Taliban kill 71, Kenya electoral official resigns.

    The Brief: Kenya vote, Afghans mourn, UK hate crime
    Civilians make their way through tear gas that was fired by riot policemen to disperse a protest by supporters of the Kenyan opposition [Thomas Mukoya/Reuters]

    Here are the stories you shouldn't miss, plus the ones you should keep an eye on for Wednesday:

    Don't miss:

    • We begin in South Asia, where a roadside blast has killed at least six police officers in Pakistan's city of Quetta. We report from Islamabad.

    • Staying in Asia, Afghanistan is in mourning after 71 people were killed in Taliban attacks.

    • To Turkey, which is locked in a war of words with Europe ahead of this weekend's EU summit. Turkey has a "crucial role in the Middle East", as one analyst tells us, so why are there tensions? Find out here.

    • And Qatar has accused Saudi Arabia of promoting "regime change" during its four-month blockade of Doha. Read more about that here and catch up with all the latest updates on the Qatar-GCC crisis.

    Looking ahead:

    • Kenya is gripped by tension after the opposition candidate Raila Odinga pulled out of a re-run vote. A senior electoral official has resigned. Will the election still take place? We break the developments down.

    • Hate crimes are on the rise in the UK following the Brexit vote and after a series of attacks. We report on the latest government survey and speak to victims of hate crimes.

    • And Quebec is set to vote on a controversial face veil ban. Why are rights groups concerned? Find out more.

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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