UAE restores Qatar's BeIN sports network on air

Providers and subscribers report reinstatement of BeIN channels in the UAE a month after authorities banned it.

    UAE restores Qatar's BeIN sports network on air
    BeIN broadcasts many matches from hugely popular European football leagues [File: Christian Hartmann/Reuters]
    Correction/9/10/2017: A previous version of this article mistakenly stated that BeIn is a subsidiary of Al Jazeera Media Network, which it is not. Bein Sport is an independent company.

    Qatar's BeIN sports network has been unblocked for its customers in the United Arab Emirates more than a month since it was caught up in the Gulf crisis.

    Du and Etisalat, the two UAE-based telecommunications providers, on Saturday confirmed in text messages and emails to their subscribers the reinstatement of BeIN channels, which have the rights to broadcast hugely popular European football leagues.

    "We would like to advise that starting 22 July 2017 the BeIN package will be available to customers and normal charges will apply," Etisalat's email said. "The provision of the BeIN package will be subject to an ongoing review."

    One customer of Du told AFP news agency: "We are again receiving the network of BeIN sports channels, distributed by Du."

    UAE-based publication The National also reported the development based on similar sources, but it was unclear what was behind the decision to bring BeIN back on the air.

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    Doha-based BeIN was targeted by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt after the quartet on June 5 cut ties with Qatar and imposed air, sea and land blockade on the country.

    Doha was accused of supporting "extremism" - an allegation it denies.

    SOURCE: News agencies


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