Chile beat Portugal to reach Confederations Cup final

Bravo saves three penalty kicks after goalless normal and extra time to take his side to the final.

    Chile beat Portugal to reach Confederations Cup final
    Chile reached its third straight international final after winning consecutive Copa America titles [Reuters]

    Claudio Bravo saved three spot kicks as Chile beat Portugal 3-0 in a penalty shoot-out to reach the Confederations Cup final.

    Bravo, who missed the first two cup games in Russia because of injury, stopped penalties by Ricardo Quaresma, Joao Moutinho and Nani, sending Chile to its third straight international final after winning consecutive Copa America titles.

    Ronaldo, who usually goes last in the shoot-out, did not get to take a kick.

    Arturo Vidal, Charles Aranguiz and Alexis Sanchez all scored for Chile in the shoot-out on Wednesday.

    Neither team managed to score in normal and extra time.

    Chile and Portugal both came close in the first 10 minutes but there were few chances after that in a lacklustre game between two of the main title favourites.

    Ronaldo was off-form for Portugal and Chile gradually took control in front of 40,855 fans at Kazan Arena, most of them behind Chile.

    Chile will play Germany or Mexico in Sunday's final in St Petersburg. It will be seeking its first title outside of South America after winning the Copa America in 2015 and 2016, both times in penalty kick shoot-outs.

    "I was injured and I didn't play at my normal pace, but I normally get things quietly," Bravo said.

    "This is very important to us because it's like completing a very successful cycle. We are very happy to be able to play in the final."

    Portugal was looking for its second consecutive title after winning the European Championship last year.

    "Claudio was amazing, the players who scored their penalties were amazing and I think we deserve to be in the final," Chile coach Juan Antonio Pizzi said. "We have made a huge effort and I think you could see it during the game." 

    Ronaldo did not get a chance to take a kick in the penalty shoot-out [Reuters]

    SOURCE: News agencies


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