Lebanon calls for ban of Wonder Woman 2017 movie

Economy ministry says it seeks to ban the latest Wonder Woman film, because its lead actress is an Israeli.

    Lebanon calls for ban of Wonder Woman 2017 movie
    Cast member Gal Gadot poses at the premiere of Wonder Woman in Los Angeles [Reuters]

    Lebanon's economy ministry says it has asked the country's security agency to ban the 2017 movie Wonder Woman because its lead actress, Gal Gadot, is an Israeli.

    A senior security official says no formal request has been received yet, and that the ban would require a recommendation from a six-ministry-member committee.

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to reporters.

    Posters of the film have appeared on the streets of Beirut. At least one cinema has an advance screening on Wednesday, including free popcorn for members.

    Lebanon is officially at war with Israel and has a decades-old law that boycotts Israeli products and bars Lebanese citizens from travelling or having contact with Israelis. 

    Supporters of the boycott took to social media to campaign against the movie. 

    The movie is based on a comic book character introduced in 1941, fighting villains, rescuing victims and unearthing evil plots.

    Gal Gadot served in the Israeli army and has railed against Hamas.

    The movie triggered controversy last year when the character of Wonder Woman was chosen as an honorary UN ambassador to fight for gender equality.

    Tens of thousands of people signed an online petition, saying the fictional character was an inappropriate choice and that its evolution into a scantily clad and curvaceous heroine did not represent gender empowerment.

    The United Nations abruptly ended the character's role two months into her appointment.

    SOURCE: News agencies


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