Four arrested after video shows assault of Chicago man

African-American youths arrested after video of mentally disabled man being abused is shared on social media.

    The suspects, who are black, and the victim, who is white, were said to be young adults over 18 [Youtube]
    The suspects, who are black, and the victim, who is white, were said to be young adults over 18 [Youtube]

    Chicago police say they have arrested four people suspected of attacking and taunting a young Chicago man in a video circulated on social media.

    In the video shared via Facebook Live on Wednesday, four African-Americans are seen assaulting the duct-taped man, while yelling racially charged obscenities.

    The man, who was described as mentally disabled, was taken by the suspects from a Chicago suburb to an area in the southwestern side of the city, and was with them for 24 to 48 hours, police said. 

    One of the suspects was a school acquaintance of the victim, who is white, according to police. 

    The suspects and the victim were said to be young adults over 18.

    In the video originally posted by one of the arrested perpetrators, the suspects are seen laughing during the assault and repeatedly yelling: "F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!" 

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    The victim can be seen squatting in a corner with his mouth duct-taped and his hands and legs apparently tied up. His clothes are partially cut at one point, he is threatened repeatedly, and a part of his hair is cut down to his scalp, causing a bleeding wound.

    "It's sickening," Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson said at a news conference announcing that the four suspects were being held pending formal charges.

    Police had not yet determined whether the incident constituted a hate crime or if there were political motivations behind the attack. 

    Police were also still trying to determine whether the victim was kidnapped, saying that he was traumatised and was having difficulty communicating with investigators.

    Authorities said the victim has been released from a hospital.

    SOURCE: News agencies


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