Mexico President Pena Nieto seeks to relax drug laws

Plan would see medical marijuana legalised and increase the amount of cannabis people can carry.

Guerrero, Mexico – Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has announced a proposal to relax some of the country’s drug laws.

The plan would see medicinal marijuana legalised and increase how much cannabis people can carry.

“No criminal prosecution will be undertaken against persons who have in their possession a quantity of 28 grams of marijuana, this is in accordance with international standards,” Pena Nieto said.

“This means there won’t be criminal punishment for consumption any more.”

About 150,000 people have died since former President Felipe Calderon dispatched the army to Mexico’s streets as part of the country’s war on drugs a decade ago.

Pena Nieto’s proposal is a big step away from his long-held resistance to decriminalising some drug use, but some analysts say the measures do not go far enough in a battle the country is clearly losing.

If this bill passes it could also affect Mexico’s prison population as anyone in jail for possession of 28 grams or less marijuana would be freed.

Source: Al Jazeera