Legal team defends sensitive political cases in Russia

Citizens facing charges of extremism or treason now have informal group of young lawyers and journalists on their side.

Moscow – The Russian constitution protects the freedom of citizens to receive and distribute information. That, at least, is the theory.

However, it is not uncommon for citizens, by exchanging information, suddenly to find themselves facing charges of extremism or treason.

Some at the receiving end are turning to a team of young lawyers that is making a name for itself defending sensitive political cases involving people considered traitors by the state.

Team 29 – the informal collective of young lawyers and journalists – is also leading an online project called “If they come for you” which advises people what to do if the security service comes knocking.

Political cases rarely go in the defendants’ favour. Still, Team 29 hopes it is making people aware of their rights and shining a light on how the Russian justice system is sometimes manipulated.

Source: Al Jazeera