Chapecoense: Tributes pour in from the football world

Top teams and players take to social media to express solidarity with Brazilian team after plane crash in Colombia.

    Soon after news broke that a plane carrying Brazilian football club  Chapecoense had crashed in Colombia, the football world took to social media to express its grief and solidarity.

    A first division football club in Brazil, the Chapecoense team was travelling to Colombia to take on Atletico Nacional in a two-legged regional final. 

    English Premier League leaders Chelsea wrote: "Our thoughts are with everyone at @ChapecoenseReal, their families and all those affected by the tragedy in Colombia."

    Arsenal , another world-famous Premier League club, said simply: "Thinking of you,  @ChapecoenseReal".

    Top German Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen tweeted in Portuguese: "In football there are no borders. We are with you  @ChapecoenseReal".

    Spain's Sevilla said: "The #SevillaFC shows its condolences for the plane crash in which traveled the @ChapecoenseReal. Hard times for football."

    Turkey's huge Galatasaray club wrote: "Our prayers are with you.. #prayforchapecoense @ChapecoenseReal".

    Portuguese giants Benfica tweeted: "Benfica is with everyone involved in the crash @ChapecoenseReal, families and supporters. #ForçaChape!"

    Top Brazilian team Corinthians said of their countrymen: "All clubs unite and pray for the people's lives. It all works out! Strength,  @ChapecoenseReal   #ForçaChape

    Colombia's Millonarios expressed solidarity and prayers: "Our prayers are with all the passengers and crew. Much strength and solidarity at this difficult time. @ChapecoenseReal"

    As did Mexico's Seleccion Nacional : "O ur prayers are with you, @ChapecoenseReal... Much strength! #Chapecoense"

    Spain's Barcelona : "All our support and solidarity with the victims and the families affected by the tragedy of the @ChapecoenseReal in Colombia"

    Invidividual football stars also reached out. 

    Brazil's Alexandre Pato said: "God please help the people who were on that flight! Too hard!"

    Spain's Iker Casillas : "My condolences for the plane crash in which traveled the @ChapecoenseReal. Now hard for the soccer! Lots of encouragement and strength!" 

    Lucas Silva , of Real Madrid: "Very sad news of the accident with the @ChapecoenseReal team. My prayers and positive thoughts with the passengers and their families."

    Michy Batshuayi , a Belgian footballer with Chelsea: "Wow... Prayer for  @ChapecoenseReal... God bless you all"

    Wayne Rooney , Manchester United captain and all-time leading goalscorer for England: "Sad news to wake up to today. Thoughts are with  @ChapecoenseReal and their family and friends."


    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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