Craziest moments from Donald Trump’s campaign

Al Jazeera looks at some of Donald Trump’s most outrageous and memorable campaign quotes.


US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been repeatedly criticised for making lewd, racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and otherwise hateful comments during his presidential campaign.

When Trump first proposed the idea of building a wall along America’s southern border, he said: “I will build a great wall. Nobody builds walls better than me, believe me.”

Trump’s border wall was slammed as “just fantasy” by Clinton, who was also quick to mock the business tycoon’s claims of a “winning” temperament.

The former reality TV star has apologised for some of the “foolish things” he’s said, but has mainly defended himself, saying he is more level-headed than his election rival Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a montage of some of Trump’s most outrageous comments.

Source: Al Jazeera


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump [REUTERS]

When Republicans express outrage at Donald Trump’s racism, they are being disingenuous or self-deluded.

opinion by Larry Beinhart
Published On 3 Oct 2016
Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump [Reuters]

We need to study Donald Trump with the same precision that European and American Orientalists have studied their Orient.

opinion by Hamid Dabashi
Published On 30 May 2016
US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump [REUTERS]

Hillary Clinton is the political mask of the corporate face of America, but Donald Trump is the real deal.

opinion by Hamid Dabashi
Published On 7 Mar 2016
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