US election: Trump hints at refusing to accept result

As Americans vote, Republican hopeful says he wants to “see everything honest” regarding the final outcome.

US Presidential Election
Trump, a former reality TV star, shocked the world when he announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015 [EPA]

As Americans headed to polling stations, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that he would “see how things play out” regarding the outcome of the US election.


His comments on Tuesday were reminiscent of similar statements he has made throughout the campaign – in that he believes the election might be rigged against him.

“Well, we’re going to see how things play out today. And hopefully they’ll play out well and we won’t have to worry about it – meaning hopefully we’ll win,” he told Fox News.

“I want to see everything honest, look at Philadelphia, if you look at St Louis, if you look at Chicago, President Obama eight years ago was quoted as saying essentially that it’s corrupt as can be, the polling booths in Chicago … but we have to see how it is and hopefully everything is going to be on the straight and up,” he said.

Last month, Trump said he would accept the result if he were to be announced winner.

Source: Al Jazeera