Severe storms keep battering the UK

Northwest Europe braces for another round of violent winds and flooding rains.

Severe storms keep battering the UK
The UK Met Office is warning of widespread travel disruption on Monday as Storm Henry hits the UK [EPA]

Atlantic storms continue to roll into western Europe, bringing damaging winds and severe rainfall – and, at times, heavy snow.

More than 13,000 homes and businesses were left without power when the latest storm, known officially as Gertrude, rattled across northern Britain on Thursday and Friday.

Wind gusts in excess of 100 kilometres per hour were recorded across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Winds reached 232km/h at the summit of Caingorm Mountain in the Scottish Highlands.


Meanwhile, over the lower ground, the strongest winds were across the Shetland Isles where they peaked at 169km/h on Friday.

Train and ferry services were badly disrupted right across the UK. One such ferry from Rotterdam was unable to dock in the east coast port of Hull, and had to remain at sea until the storm had passed.

As the storm cleared through, cold northerly winds brought heavy snow to parts of Scotland. Up to 15cm of snow were recorded over the higher ground on Saturday.

The UK can expect quieter weather throughout Sunday, with some rain in the west. Yet the next storm, known as Henry, is set to bring more severe weather across the region.

The UK Met Office is warning of widespread travel disruption on Monday. The system is expected to affect much of northwest Europe. Flash floods and damaging winds leading to power outages are likely for many.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies