Israeli police shoot dead Palestinian in Jerusalem camp

Israeli forces shoot dead man after alleged car ramming attack, an account denied by the victim's family.

    Israeli police shoot dead Palestinian in Jerusalem camp
    Israel has killed up to 223 Palestinians, including unarmed demonstrators and bystanders [File: Reuters]

    Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian man, and wounded a relative, inside a refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem.

    Mustafa Nimr, 27, was killed at approximately 2am on Monday, when Israeli forces opened fire at the car he was driving, also wounding his sister's husband, Ali Nimr. 

    Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police officers operating in Shuafat refugee camp shot at a vehicle as it "drove up towards" them "at close range, endangering them".

    "As a result of the shots that were fired, one of the men in the vehicle passed away, while the other one is in the hospital and is being treated," he told Al Jazeera.

    But members of the victims' family and witnesses at the scene said the two were not attempting to run over the guards. 

    "He was at his older brother's house. He went out with his sister's husband to buy Eid clothes and food for the children," said Abdullah Nimr, a cousin of the victim. 

    "The army had been raiding the camp at that time, and they simply shot at them while they were driving," Abdullah told Al Jazeera. 

    Israeli army raids in the Shuafat refugee camp are common, especially late at night. 

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    According to local journalist Lama Ghosheh, witnesses at the scene said the officers had ordered the drivers "to stop but they were driving too fast to stop in time, so the army opened fire". 

    "Mustafa was killed in cold-blood. I saw at least 30 bullet marks on the car, which is still in the camp," Ghosheh told Al Jazeera.  

    "The presence of fresh food in the car testifies to the fact that they went to get food and were not planning on carrying out an attack." 

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    Mustafa's body was taken by the Israeli army at the scene, while his relative, Ali, is being held while he is being treated in hospital. 

    No one has been allowed to visit Ali so far. 

    In the latest wave of increased violence since October 2015, it is estimated that Israeli troops and settlers are responsible for the killing of at least 223 Palestinians, including unarmed demonstrators, bystanders and alleged attackers. 

    Thirty-five Israelis were also killed in the past 11 months, in stabbing and shooting incidents carried out by Palestinians. 

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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