Al Jazeera English expands digital access to the US

Award-winning international news and current affairs channel offering free livestream and in-depth content.

    Al Jazeera English provides the latest news and current affairs coverage to over 190 countries [Mohammed Dubbous/Reuters]
    Al Jazeera English provides the latest news and current affairs coverage to over 190 countries [Mohammed Dubbous/Reuters]

    Washington, DC - Al Jazeera Media Network announces that it has resumed making Al Jazeera English, its multi-award winning news and current affairs channel, available free to US audiences through and across a range of digital platforms. 

    Dr Mostefa Souag, Al Jazeera's acting director general, said the network's mission is "to provide an unfiltered perspective" on the most important global events, from the viewpoint of the people they impact.

    "Our extraordinarily committed and passionate journalists do this with a tenacity in their search for truth that is remarkable by any standard. Our coverage is unique, critical and sought out around the world," he said.  

    "New technologies and tools are transforming the news industry. Al Jazeera English, like all Al Jazeera Media Network news platforms, is wholeheartedly committed to the digital revolution of media and bringing our pioneering journalism to people wherever they are and whenever they want it," Souag added.

    Al Jazeera English's news coverage, shows, documentaries, and online content are accessible to US audiences through its website

    Streamed and on demand video is also available across a range of digital platforms including: Amazon Fire TV and Video, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chrome and Play, iTunes, LG, Netflix, Panasonic, Roku, and Samsung. Also Al Jazeera English news articles can be found on: AOL, Apple News, Flipboard, Google Newsstand, MSN, News Republic and Yahoo.

    Giles Trendle, acting managing director of Al Jazeera English, said the network is committed to covering critical topics and featuring perspectives rarely, if ever, heard.

    "Our journalism is global in terms of viewpoint, diversity and reach - reflecting universal themes and issues common to all. It transcends government and corporate interests and challenges established narratives," he said.

    "In a world seemingly beset by rising bigotry and extremism, Al Jazeera English provides a wider scope of information, insight and understanding. We are delighted to bring this independent and thought-provoking content to the US market."

    A decade of award-winning coverage

    Founded by the Al Jazeera Media Network in 2006, Al Jazeera English provides the latest news and current affairs coverage, across broadcast and digital platforms, to more than 190 countries from nearly 80 bureaus, including in the US, with offices in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. 

    AJE is known for its independent reporting and giving a voice to the voiceless around the world. In recognition of this, it has won numerous international awards including Peabody Awards, International Emmy Awards, the WEBBYS, and the Online Media Awards for best website.

    For a full listing of awards, please visit here. AJE is nominated for two awards at tonight's Emmys.

    With the resumption of AJE's distribution in the US earlier this month, viewers are able to access livestreamed news coverage from around the world as well as a wide variety of shows covering hard-hitting interviews and debate, investigative reporting, observational documentaries and magazine programmes.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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