Barcelona crowned La Liga champions

Catalan club retain league title after beating Granada 0-3 thanks to a Luis Suarez hat-trick.

    Barcelona crowned La Liga champions
    The win in Granada clinched Barcelona's eighth league title in 12 seasons [EPA]

    Barcelona retained the Spanish league title Saturday with an efficient 0-3 win at Granada, thanks to a hat-trick from league top scorer Luis Suarez.

    Barca finished on 91 points, one point above second-placed Real Madrid, who put pressure on Barca with a 0-2 win at Deportivo La Coruna, their 12th straight league win.

    Last 15 La Liga champions
    2016: Barcelona
    2015: Barcelona  
    2014: Atletico Madrid
    2013: Barcelona   
    2012: Real Madrid    
    2011: Barcelona 
    2010: Barcelona
    2009: Barcelona
    2008: Real Madrid
    2007: Real Madrid  
    2006: Barcelona  
    2005: Barcelona 
    2004: Valencia    
    2003: Real Madrid    
    2002: Valencia

    The win in Granada clinched Barca's eighth league title in 12 seasons - the best ever run in the history of the club - and their third in four years.

    It was their fifth straight win, a final run which was necessary in order to keep rampant Real at bay.

    Suarez put them ahead in the 22nd minute by turning in a perfect centre from Jordi Alba, then made it 0-2 16 minutes later by heading in a cross from Dani Alves.

    Top scorer

    Suarez completed his hat-trick six minutes from the end after being cleverly set up by Neymar.

    Barca were due to fly straight back to Barcelona to celebrate the latest title in the streets of the Catalan capital.

    Barca's last game of the season will be the May 22 Spanish cup final against Sevilla.

    Suarez's treble in Granada left him as league top scorer with 40, five ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored both of Real's goals in their win at Deportivo.

    Ronaldo limped out of the game at half-time with a slight muscle strain, which should not stop him from playing in the May 28 Champions League final against Atletico Madrid.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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