West Indies win cricket World Twenty20 final

Carlos Brathwaite's quick-fire 34 off 10 balls helps West Indies register a remarkable four-wicket victory over England.

    West Indies win cricket World Twenty20 final
    Brathwaite's heroics alongside Marlon Samuels saw West Indies win with two balls to spare [Adnan Abidi/Reuters]

    West Indies' Carlos Brathwaite smashed a remarkable four successive sixes in the last over as they beat England by four wickets to win their second World Twenty20 title on Sunday.

    Brathwaite's heroics alongside Marlon Samuels, who remained unbeaten on 85, saw West Indies, the 2012 champions, win with two balls to spare, sparking jubilant scenes at Eden Park in the Indian city of Kolkata.

    Put in to bat, 2010 champions England rode Joe Root's 54 to post 155 for nine wickets in their 20 overs as Dwayne Bravo and Brathwaite picked up three wickets apiece for the West Indies.

    Chasing 156 to win, 27-year-old Brathwaite made an undefeated 34 off 10 balls.

    "I can't really express how much of a top knock [by Samuels] that was. We couldn't turn back, it was a question of when, not if," said Brathwaite.

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    Bowling coach Curtly Ambrose was overjoyed after seeing his team follow the women's title earlier in the day and the Under-19s taking their world crown earlier this year.

    "We believe we can chase any target because we've got some real firepower," he said.

    "It doesn't matter how many you've got to chase. We won the under-19 and the women's and now this. It's history."

    West Indies wobbled early in their chase after part-time spinner Root dismissed Johnson Charles and the dangerous Chris Gayle in his the first three balls to peg them back.

    Samuels added 75 runs with Dwayne Bravo (25) to steady the ship before Brathwaite provided the remarkable late fireworks to secure an emotional victory.

    SOURCE: Reuters And AP


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