Shakespeare helps tackle social issues in Senegal

Theatre troupe in Dakar adapts one of its plays to discuss child marriage, which continues to be a problem.


    Dakar - In Senegal, Shakespeare is helping young people to talk about difficult social issues.

    A theatre troupe based in the capital has adapted one of its plays to discuss child marriage, which continues to be a problem.

    One in three young girls living in Senegal are married off before the age of 18, often to men they do not choose. Men, on the other hand, do get to choose, and they can have three young wives at the same time.

    In this conservative society, ethnicity, caste and religion determine who is a suitable partner.

    But like everywhere else in the world, young people who are not supposed to fall in love, do.

    The theatre company Espoir de la Banlieue is trying to talk about this taboo issue using Shakespeare's works.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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