AJ+ picks up two prizes at the Webby Awards

Al Jazeera's digital-only channel beats competitors Vice and The Huffington Post to win two People's Voice awards.

    AJ+ received more than a million votes to beat off rivals Vice and The Huffington Post [Al Jazeera]
    AJ+ received more than a million votes to beat off rivals Vice and The Huffington Post [Al Jazeera]

    Al Jazeera's AJ+ has picked up two People's Voice awards for its coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis after obtaining more than a million votes.

    The channel won the awards in the "News and Politics" and "News and Information" categories, beating competition from organisations such as Vice, and The Huffington Post.

    The Webby Awards honour excellence on the internet and are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science.

    Dima Khatib, the managing director of AJ+, said she "was very excited" about obtaining the awards, which she described as proof of the channel's strong presence on the internet.

    AJ+ has won a number of awards since it launched in November 2014, including a Shorty Award for the strongest presence on the internet earlier this month.

    In 2015, the channel's videos surpassed 2.2bn views on Facebook with more than 134m interactions.

    On YouTube, AJ+ has published more than 3,900 videos and picked up 54m views since it started. One of its most popular videos on the website titled "Is the South Racist?"  features host Dena Takruri talking to people in the US state of South Carolina about their views on immigrants and other minorities.

    The channel also has a presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Apple TV and targets itself to younger audiences adept with social media.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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