Flash floods force evacuations in northwest Spain

Recent heavy rains leave parts of the Iberian Peninsula under water with more wet weather expected.

    Evacuations took place in the village of Sada, region of La Coruna, northwestern Spain [EPA]
    Evacuations took place in the village of Sada, region of La Coruna, northwestern Spain [EPA]

    Northwestern Spain has been inundated by torrential rain that has led to widespread flooding across the region with large-scale evacuations taking place in parts.

    Drier weather is expected over the next few days.

    The region of La Coruna has been badly affected with well over a month's worth of rain in the past six days.

    The average rainfall for March is 92mm with rain typically falling on 14 days of the month.

    However, since March 26, 137mm of rain has been recorded. A staggering 110mm fell in just 48 hours.

    As a result, regional authorities issued orange alerts owing to the heavy rainfall.

    A weak ridge of high pressure is now nudging into Western Europe, and that will bring quieter weather to Spain and Portugal. However, this relief is expected to be a brief one.

    The next area of cloud and rain is forecast to roll in from the Atlantic over the weekend.

    This will bring yet more heavy downpours across much of the Iberian Peninsula.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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