Oman road crash leaves at least 18 dead

Collision between bus, truck and car on road between northern cities of Fahud and Ibri also injured 14 others.

    A crash involving a bus, lorry and car has killed at least 18 people and injured 14 others in the Gulf Arab country of Oman.

    Police said the collision on Tuesday morning occurred on a road between the northern cities of Fahud and Ibri.

    The state-run Oman News Agency said that the accident happened at a roundabout and that some of the survivors suffered serious injuries.

    Oman police spokesman Mohammed bin Salama al-Hashami said officials were still not sure what caused the collision. The dead included Saudis, Omanis and Asians, he said.

    He added that those hurt had injuries ranging from serious to minor and had been taken to hospitals throughout the country.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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