Super Bowl 50: Broncos stun Panthers

Miller named MVP as Denver win first Super Bowl title in 17 years after 24-10 win over top-seeded Carolina.

     Super Bowl 50: Broncos stun Panthers
    Keo (33), Smith (90) and Harris (25) celebrate Broncos' first Super Bowl win in 17 years [Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports]

    The Denver Broncos sealed a shock 24-10 victory over the top-seeded Carolina Panthers at the Super Bowl 50 to win their third National Football League (NFL) championship.

    The Broncos scored early in Sunday's final and never trailed as they held the league's highest-scoring offence in check, capturing their first Super Bowl title in 17 years.

    Last 10 winners
    2016 - Denver Broncos
    2015 - New England Patriots
    2014 - Seattle Seahawks
    2013 - Baltimore Ravens
    2012 - NY Giants
    2011 - Green Bay Packers
    2010 - New Orleans Saints
    2009 - Pittsburgh Steelers
    2008 - NY Giants
    2007 - Indianapolis Cols

    Denver's Peyton Manning, 39, playing in what could be the final game of his storied NFL career, added another line in the record books as he is now the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl and the first to reach 200 wins in the NFL.

    But it was the top-ranked Denver defence that can claim credit for the victory after holding the league's highest-scoring offence to a single touchdown and 10 points.

    The Denver defence was led by Von Miller - later named the Super Bowl 50's Most Valuable Player (MVP) - who forced Panthers quarterback Cam Newton into two fumbles that were both converted into touchdowns.

    Trailing 3-0 in the opening quarter, Carolina quickly found themselves in an even deeper hole when Miller barrelled into Newton and stripped the ball from his hands before defensive end Malik Jackson fell on the ball in the end zone for the game's first touchdown.

    Miller then ended any hope of a Carolina comeback when he knocked the ball out of Newton's hand on the Panthers four-yard line where the Denver offence took over, CJ Anderson powering his way over from the two for a 24-10 lead.

    The 26-year-old Miller one-upped NFL regular season MVP Newton with his brilliant defensive effort.

    Miller was the number-two overall choice in the 2011 NFL draft out of Texas A&M, while Newton was taken first overall after winning a national college championship with Auburn.

    The Super Bowl half-time show was headlined by Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars [EPA]

    SOURCE: Agencies


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