GoPro vultures take on illegal dumping in Peru

Authorities hope scavenging birds associated with death will identify those dumping rubbish in the capital Lima

    GoPro vultures take on illegal dumping in Peru
    Trainer Victor Valdivia prepares a vulture for its forthcoming anti-littering mission [Mariana Bazo/Reuters]

    Authorities in Peru are using vultures strapped with GoPro cameras to take on illegal dumping in the capital Lima, a move they hope will clean up the city ravaged by rubbish.

    The joint project between Peru's environmental ministry and the US Agency for International Development aims to help identify those behind the country's epidemic of overflowing rubbish.

    The large scavenging birds will be outfitted with video cameras and GPS equipment in the hope they will capture people responsible for littering.

    The "Vultures Detect" programme has enlisted 10 birds so far, and organisers hope the scheme will change people's perceptions of the much-maligned bird, often portrayed in films scavenging bodies.

    "Generally, the majority of people have a negative view of the vulture, which is associated many times with death and many negative things," said trainer Alfredo Correa.

    "They don't realise that vultures play a very important role in nature, especially in Lima as they're helping a lot to control a large quantity of the rubbish we're dumping."

    Vultures are being equipped with GPS tracking devices and cameras to help officials crack down on littering [Mariana Bazo/Reuters]

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera And Reuters


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