Bomb kills two soldiers in Egypt's Sinai

Two soldiers also wounded in the attack and medical sources say one is in a critical condition.

    Egyptian medical officials said a home-made bomb has killed two soldiers and wounded two others in the northern part of the Sinai.

    Rafah Hospital said in a statement that the incident happened early on Sunday morning and that one of the wounded, an officer, was in critical condition, the AP news agency reported.

    Violence picked up in the area, near the border with Gaza, last week when four civilians were killed in fighting between the army and armed groups, and at least six soldiers were killed in roadside bombings.

    Egypt has been hit by a wave of suicide bombings and attacks that intensified after the military overthrew former president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

    A local Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant affiliate has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks.



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