Southern US states hit by winter storms

Winter weather continues to keep much of the country in its icy grip.

Chicago snow
Another round of snow and ice has blasted through the US, from California to the Carolinas. [AFP]

Winter is refusing to loosen its grip over much of North America. There has been another round of snow and ice blasting through the US from California to the Carolinas.

The cold air currently extends as far south as New Mexico, Arizona and even Texas. Freezing rain left as much as 25mm of ice over parts of northern Texas on Tuesday.

As a result, around 900 flights were cancelled in and out of Dallas-Fort Worth as temperatures plunged well below freezing.

The bitter weather remains on-going and, winter storm warnings and advisories remain in places in parts of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Tennessee alone has now recorded 22 fatalities in the past three days as freezing rain created lethal conditions.

The southern US is now braced for a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain forcing school districts in six states to cancel, or at least delay, classes.

Further north, many public schools across New England started two hours later than usual on Tuesday morning as wind chill dived as low as minus 25 Celsius.

Source: Al Jazeera