Saudis 'intercept' scud missile fired from Yemen

Saudi-led coalition battling rebels in Yemen says the missile was fired towards the kingdom's southern city of Najran.

    Saudis 'intercept' scud missile fired from Yemen
    Saudi Arabia in March began bombing Yemen's Houthi movement, an ally of Iran, to try to restore the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi [Khaled Abdullah/Reuters]

    Saudi Arabia has intercepted a missile fired from Yemeni capital Sanaa towards the kingdom's southern city of Najran, in the latest cross-border attack on the kingdom, the Saudi-led coalition battling rebels in Yemen has said in a statement.

    The coalition statement said on Sunday that the Saudi Air Force reacted immediately and destroyed the launching pad inside Yemen.

    Yemen's state news agency said the target was a Saudi national guard base.

    In a statement published on their website, the rebels said they fired rockets at Jizan and Najran on the Saudi side of the border on Saturday, causing "losses in life and equipment".

    They also said they fired another ballistic missile on Najran on Sunday, but Saudi Arabia has not yet confirmed this attack.

    Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies in the Gulf have been bombing the Houthis since late March after the rebels overran the capital and other major Yemeni cities, forcing the internationally backed government to temporarily flee the country.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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