Curry helps Golden State extend winning run

The Warriors seal 22nd straight win of the NBA season as Curry scores 28 points in win over the Nets.

    Curry helps Golden State extend winning run
    Curry (C) scored 11 of his 28 points late in the final quarter [EPA]

    The Golden State Warriors improved to 22-0 with a 114-98 victory over the Brooklyn Nets, with guard Stephen Curry scoring 11 of his 28 points in the final 2:10 of the third quarter.

    The Warriors opened the game with a 25-8 lead and held a 15-point lead with 1:49 remaining in the first half, but Curry went on his scoring spree after Golden State faced a trio of five-point deficits.

    His timely spree featured a mix of aggressive moves and effective perimeter play.

    "It's pretty purposeful just trying to see if I can get some room and figure out a way to impact the game," Curry said.

    "Things started to click. We were down three at the time or something like that, so we just needed a little life. We like to close quarters out strong, and we were obviously able to do that, get a nice lead and not look back from there."

    Golden State shot 51 percent and made 14 of 33 3-pointers while getting a standing ovation from most of the fans at Barclays Center after the final buzzer. The Warriors posted their 26th consecutive regular-season victory dating to April 9 and 12th road win of the season.

    Elsewhere, Memphis forward Jeff Green's alley-oop dunk off an inbounds pass from Courtney Lee with eight-tenths of a second left lifted the Grizzlies to a 95-93 win over the Phoenix Suns.

    Green's game-winning dunk over former team mate Jon Leuer came after the Suns had a chance to win the game with 2.1 seconds left and the game tied at 93.

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had a season-high 22 points and the Detroit Pistons scored the game's first 15 points and cruised to their fourth straight victory 111-91 over the Los Angeles Lakers at The Palace.

    Reggie Jackson had 20 points and six assists, Andre Drummond delivered his NBA-high 19th double-double with 18 points and 15 rebounds and Anthony Tolliver added nine points and a season-high 13 rebounds for Detroit (12-9).

    Other results:

    Mavericks 116, Wizards 104

    Thunder 98, Kings 95

    SOURCE: Reuters


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